What We Grow

What We Grow

Welcome to our menu.

Here you will find a complete listing of all the crops grown here at Waldingfield Farm. We have added the Latin names for the more erudite among you. Have fun browsing our huge selection of varieties. We think it is among the largest in New England!

To find out what is actually available on any given week, just give us a call at 860-868-7270


We have been growing a wide variety of Asian greens for the past twenty years.  Extremely dependable and wonderfully delicious.  Taste what the crowds are raving about!

organic beans

We grow a number of bean varieties on the farm. As you know, they're good for your heart.!

Organic Beets

Beets are one crop we will be focusing on more carefully in 2012.  some swear they have healing powers. Who knew?

Sample image

Always a big fall crop at the farm, its said that Waldingfield's broccoli tastes sweeter then most.  look for it in the late spring, too.

Broccoli Raab

Whether you call it Raab or Cime de Rapa, we have always loved the amazing flavor of this wilder version of Broccoli.  We also enjoy the flowers when the plant has gone to seed.  Absolutely delicious in a salad or chopped fresh over some pasta with garlic. Look for it in late May, It is amazing.

Sample image

Ah, the brusel sprout.  That wee cabbage with the sweet finish of the hard frost.  Love, love, love the sprout!

organic cabbage

Sweet and delicious, the cabbage remains one of the farm crew favorites.  Slaw anyone?

organic carrots

We have had mixed success the past few years with our carrot crop but look for a strong rebound in 2012! Good for the eyes...

organi ccouliflower

Long dismissed by the broccoli clique, the hearty cauliflower looks to break out from behind the shadows of his brassicas cousins...


Once you try our collards you may never eat spinach again.  Solid green, baby, solid.

organic corn

We have not grown much corn in the past but we are looking to get some to the people in 2012!


Always a strong crop for us, the cucumber is a true all star during the summer and early fall months.


The eggplant remains a favorite of Felix and Fanny (farm security).  They make a mean Babaganoush!


Eat more Kale. Period.

organic kohlrabi
German for turnip cabbage. Who knew?

Simply put, leeks rock.  Waldingfield loves the leek, and the leek loves Waldingfield.

organic lettuce

We believe that the lettuce we grow is the best around.  Look for an ample crop all season long.


One of the few fruits we grow, summer just isn't summer without at least one, super sweet, melon from the farm.

organic peas

Few farms grow the sugar snap in the volume that we do. With over 10,000 feet in the ground each year, it is our main cash crop for the late spring. Yeah, baby!

organic peppers

The crew at the farm loves the hot pepper crop we plant each year, as well as the sweet bell peppers.  Lots of variety for the pepper aficionados at the markets...


As we all know, it kept a nation alive.  We have always loved the humble spud at the farm.  Peru Blue, Yukon's, or Red Blush, they all are amazing.

organic pumpkins

Pumpkins make the autumn season come to life.  We grow white ones, orange ones, decorative ones, or eatin' ones.  Awesome.

organic radish

Spicy and yummy, the radish continues to march up the rankings of farm favorites...

Salad Greens

Leafy greens should be served daily.  We grow a lot of variety at the farms and will have greens all season long.

organic spinach

Not just for that brawling sailor, the spinach crop is one of the first available each spring at the farm.

Summer Squash

From July through October, we provide yellow squash in many shapes and sizes.  The patty pan is a leading variety each year.

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard is one of the leading cooking greens served at the finest restaurants.  We know why... it's amazing!

Sample image

The tomato, the love apple, the fruit of the gods.... As you can tell, we love our tomatoes! Each year we try to introduce new varieties to the menu but we also make sure to always have the classics.  Brandywine, Green Zebra, Cherokee. The tomato is also the backbone of our food product line.  It provides the flavor for our pasta sauces, Bloody Mary and chutney.

Sample image

Waldingfield always has a strong winter squash crop.  Durable, delicious, and remarkably varied, we look to have it available all fall and deep into each winter season.

Sample image

We grow a variety of zucchini here the farm, and they are not only delicious, they are tremendously versatile. We love to sauté the flowers with oil and garlic or throw them on the grill. We have zucchini squash in green, yello, even purple!  Yeah!

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