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We sell our produce to many retail stores throughout the state and in NYC.  Retail outlets provide us with a valuable outlet to sell our large tomato crop each season, as well as some other garden staples when we have excess.  Look for us at a store near you, or let us know if a store you think may be a good fit with Waldingfield!

01 February 2012

Retail Outlets

Written by Patrick Horan

A sample client list:

Whole Foods (NYC and CT) - Heirloom tomatoes, Field Red Tomatoes

Union Market (Brooklyn, NY) - Heirloom tomatoes, salad greens, snap peas, leeks

Washington Food Market (CT)- Heirloom tomatoes, pasta sauces, bloody mary mix

Northville Market (CT) - Heirloom tomatoes

The Smithy (CT) - Heirloom tomatoes, salad greens, snap peas, leeks

New Morning Natural & Organic (CT) - The Farmers Bloody Mary, The Farmers Marinara, Heirloom tomatoes, squash, zucs, cucs. leeks.

Elm City Market (CT) - Heirloom tomatoes, salad greens, snap peas, leeks, pasta sauce, bloody mary mix

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